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Indie Mini Bar 4 Lyf

Paul Conway - Bit Smith Games

We had an AWESOME #PAXEast with the #IndieMiniBar

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Hosting 10 games in a 10x30' space, 2016 is our largest year to date! We were able to host 7 teams that had never demoed their game before and provide an affordable space with an experienced crew to ease the craziness of demoing your game for the first time. Hosted games included: SNOWHORSE, Monsters & Monocles, starcrossed, Bombasm, KLANG, Gravity Wolf, Sausage Sports Club, Real Winners, Waggle Words, and an early prototype of Project4.


In 2015, we grew the booth to five games in a 10x20' space. Including two multiplayer games we hosted Monsters & Monocles, Tetrapulse, Imagine Me, FranknJohn, and a very early prototype of Failsafe. Multiplayer games present a different kind of space challenge, but also create an instant buzz and attraction!


The birth of the booth! After we, Chris and Hollie Figueroa, decided to show our first indie title Imagine Me at PAX, we were shocked with how difficult it can be for a first time exhibitor to pay for and manage a booth. We decided to host an at-cost space to help other independent game developers show their games at PAX East. Known originally as the Mini Indie Booth, we hosted Imagine Me, 10 Second Ninja, Assault Android Cactus, and TurboCats in a 10x10' booth. We learned so much and will always love our very first crew!

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Our Team

Chris Figueroa


Made the snowboarding horse game you never asked for. Works at Unity Technologies

Hollie Figueroa


Lover of all things nerdy ~ Minnesota native, shark saver, little human and kitten mommie, wife, indie dev, and STE for Unity's Collaborate!

John Neibert

Production Assistant

Game Enthusiast, Nerd, Dad of two, A little short to be a Stormtrooper

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